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By Laws

By Laws


  1. Enforcement of these rules and regulations shall be left exclusively to the Club Officers.
  2. B.A.S.S  by-laws shall apply unless otherwise stated in club Bylaws.
  3. The President shall settle a club vote that ends in a tie.           
  4.  The President shall vote only on new membership candidates.


  1. Prospective members must be introduced to the club by a full voting member and must be present. Candidates will be on probation for three (3) months and eligible for full membership during meeting four (4) by a club vote.
  2.  All members must attend as many meetings as possible.
  3.  Members are required to pay $10.00 dues per month prior to fishing in that month’s tournament. If dues are not current weight will not count toward side pot or standings.  Should a member drop out of the club or be dropped by the club he will not be reimbursed for advance dues paid.
  4. Termination of membership will be accomplished by a club vote at a scheduled meeting.  A majority of club members present is required for termination.
  5. Club non-boater membership will not exceed 60% of boater population.
  6. The meeting designated for tournament trail and by laws acceptance is mandatory for all members.  
  7. Angler who wins Angler of the Year will have their following year dues paid.


  1. Interpretation and implementation of these Tournament Rules and Regulations shall be left exclusively to the tournament committee.
  2.  Any protest shall be voiced at the ramp and be submitted in writing to the President, Vice-President and the tournament committee prior to the next meeting. All monies and trophies will be held until a ruling is made by officers and tournament committee. Any members involved in the protest will not be involved in the decision making process.
  3.  At least two of the three members of the tournament committee have to agree upon any ruling pertaining to the club tournament.
  4. Boats may be launched off any ramp but must blast off from the same point set forth by the tournament committee.
  5. Fishing is allowed anywhere as specified by the tournament committee by boat except within 50 yards (150 feet) of another competitor’s boat, which is anchored.
  6. Consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs from blast-off through completion of weigh-in during a tournament will result in disqualification.
  7.  Life jackets must be worn when the gas motor is in operation, from blast off until the end of the tournament. Except when loading the boat onto the trailer or motor is at idle speed.
  8. Tournament Location can be changed if voted on and passed by majority of club members present. 
  9. Once boat is on trailer, a competitor cannot return to water to fish unless loaded due to mechanical breakdown, or unsafe conditions.
  10.  A tournament committee member will check all live wells of present competitors prior to launch.
  11.  If late for launch, find a club member to check live wells before fishing or catch will be disqualified.          



  1. Teams will be determined by draw (boater/non-boater), at the club meeting preceding the upcoming tournament by the tournament committee.
  2. If there is an odd man out on the initial draw, this member is permitted to choose a partner outside the club membership as a guest.  The guest is allowed to enter side pot.
  3. If two boaters are drawn out unpaired, they have the option of fishing together, but the tournament committee has the right to place a non-boater who loses a partner with one or both of the boaters in order of draw, if the situation occurs. If both members cannot fish out of boat drawn because of mechanical reasons both members will be placed in next available boats.  Notification must be made by Thursday night prior to the tournament date of Saturday to allow for proper arrangements.
  4. Boaters will draw no more than 4 times with the same non-boater. 


  1. The club “Golden-Rule” will be used to measure all bass.
  2. The first two bass shall be 12 inches in length and the next three will be 14 inches in length, where state law applies..
  3. For each legal bass weighed in dead, there will be a .25(or 1/4) pound penalty.
  4. Tournament committee will measure all fish.  Senior club officer will measure all tournament committee fish.
  5. All fish will be measured. Measure will be done with mouth closed lying naturally, with tail pinched as per state regulations.
  6. In the event of a tie, the competitor’s largest single fish of the tournament will be the tiebreaker.  The competitor is responsible for selecting his largest fish.
  7.  All live fish will be returned to the water. A fish may be authorized for removal by the Tournament Committee, at the competitor's request. Competitors are responcable for disposition of any dead fish.
  8. A short fish without a courtesy measurement at the ramp will cost the competitor that fish and the largest fish in your creel. Courtesy measurements may be requested on all five fish.
  9. When fish in the weigh in basket are over the limit the competitor loses biggist fish until limit is met. 
  10.  Non-boaters are responsible for up to 50% of the total fuel expense, to include boat and tow vehicle.  
  11.  Competitors must be present at weigh-in for all fish to be counted, measured and weighed.
  12. After a team is drawn a NO SHOW is responsible for up to50% of fuel expense (within reason) failure to do so is subject to being voted out of club.
  13. If a boater is a NO SHOW, he will have to pay half the non-boater expenses to the tourney, if the non-boater is unable to fish, he after showing up he will receive the average of the weight caught.
  14. Largest fish over 6 (six) pounds caught in any tournament will receive a $50 bonus from the club.
  15. All competitors must be within 250’ of the ramp by time set for weigh-in. If late, one pound per minute deducted, after fifteen minutes, disqualification. Only exception will be for break-downs.


  1.  A member experiencing problems with his boat must inform another club member if at all possible.
  2. Any member making an extended run should inform tournament committee prior to launch (safety factor).
  3. After 30 minutes and a “No Show”, other members will look for lost member until found and have returned to landing.
  4. If a boater has trouble with his boat he must notify tournament committee and non-boater, prior to the tournament.


  1. Standings will be determined by total weight.  Ties will be determined by the biggest fish.